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 June 2016

MUMS: (for my mum Joan who has been in hospital)

They come in all shapes and sizes,

all the colours of the world.

They kiss and they hug,

and offer lots of advice.

And when they're just about out of giving,

they start all over again.

Mums are special.


April 2016

We have just had a wedding in the family (middle son marrying the girl of his dreams). It was an interesting process, being MOG - from the dress to the day. All wonderful and we couldn't have been prouder - in so many ways for so many reasons. The happy couple asked me to write a Reading for their ceremony (to be read by a cousin). It was the hardest piece of writing I have ever done but what a privilege.



March 28, 2016

Strange when you go out for dinner with girlfriends and they rock up with pieces of string, toiletrolls and glitter. Apparently it is a bit of a collection as one of the local primary schools has cut the Art program - yep, cut the Art program. Unbelievable. This one mum is running her own program at home for her three boys.  So, apart from overwhelming evidence of the benefits (short, long and everything inbetween) of art therapies this decision can still be taken within the education system. Pathetic.


If you follow Hearts and Minds Art's facebook and instagram you would have seen this quote. Not my words (unfortunately), but one of my favourite quotes :

"It's impossible" said Pride.

"It's risky" said Experience.

"It's pointless" said Reason.

"But give it a try" whispered the Heart.



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WHAT IF. Two little words. Endless possibilities. I firmly believe in the WHAT IF mentality... the possibilities that exist for us all if we only allow ourselves to believe. To believe in life, a positive...


I rarely comment on politics, beliefs or world issues. This is not the place. However I am so filled with sadness today, as I am sure you all are as well. My wish would be for us all to protect our world, not injure...