Two little words. Endless possibilities.

I firmly believe in the WHAT IF mentality... the possibilities that exist for us all if we only allow ourselves to believe. To believe in life, a positive world, in ourselves, in others, in a bright and happy future. Yes, I was one of those young mums (many years ago) who put a MAGIC HAPPENS magnet on the fridge, hoping that my three boys would believe it does.

It's a tough old world, full of angst and violence. But it's also a beautiful world in so many ways.  I feel sad when mums come into our shop and buy our little boxes of Guatamalan Worry Dolls for "children who can't get to sleep at night for their worries".  I believe you don't share everything with children - make them aware of danger, build their moral and character strengths but shield them from day to day problems.Difficult I know when their worlds are so often exposed to videos, TVs and negative conversation.

People say our stores 'have soul', that they are 'a pleasure to wander around'. .. what compliments ...Our job is done then!!

I hope you enjoy this Blog as time goes on.  Feel free to contribute, to bring up an issue, to share it.

Let me know your WHAT IF moments, when you walked down the other side of the road for a change, just to see WHAT IF.


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